Not B Pinot Noir – Wine Tasting

Let’s first make it clear, we adore Burgundy reds!

But there is much more of Pinot Noir to discover. Coming Saturday (27. November) therefore we open some Alsacian, German, Hungarian and of course Serbian Pinots. Being one of the most used and abused wine grapes, in the hands of a skilled grapegrower and winemaker it reveals its high terroir sensibility and versatile character. 

Pinot Noir is a light to medium body wine and most of the time you will be greeted with an earthy, herbal and spicy nose, flavours of dark cherries and red forest fruit. It is a highly gastronomic wine, great with turkey, game and white meat, with vegetarian dishes and cheeses, even strawberry dessert.  

Approaching the holiday season, unfortunately spiced up with Covid regulations and restrictions, you could treat yourself and your guests with one of these bottles, comforting and heartwarming Pinot Noir.

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