Georgian Wine Tasting

Saturday 12. March we organise a Wine Tasting of Georgian wines. Georgia has a winemaking tradition going back at least 8000 years. According to archeological findings wine was already then made in gigant clay vessels, called Qvevri. The vessels were put underground for fermentation for months, extracting maximum aroma and flavour, not to forget fantastic colour, of the grapes. This traditional winemaking method is still the same today. The vessels are filled with juice, skins, stems and seeds of the pressed grape, bringing unique complexity to both red and white wines. With at least 400 indigenous Georgian grape varieties we are going to present just a few. A selection of classic amber whites and intense reds, handcrafted natural wines.

4 thoughts on “Georgian Wine Tasting

    • Linda says:

      You are welcome.
      Shop is open from 12:00 and we’ll start with the tasting at 13:00.
      Looking forward seeing you.

      • Andres V says:

        Hi Linda,
        I would love to join too!
        Do we need a ticket for the tasting or just show up after 13:00?

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