VINOSO Playoffs

In the VINOSO playoffs coming Saturday 28th of May, we offer for tasting some of the highlights from last weekend’s wine fair.

From Maurer Winery in Serbia, made by the ‘Kaiser of Botrytis’ Oskar Maurer, the new vintage of Furmint.
Rebel 2020 – Merlot, harvested in 3 stages from early to late harvest and aged for 12 months in old oak barrels. Definitely a different kind of Merlot.
Of course Babba II – a wine with 3 phase fermentation spread over 3 years. This time a marriage of Zelenika, Grašac, Bakator, Mezes Feher and Tamjanika, a complex, earth shaking and ground breaking orange wine.

Presenting Szóló from the Hungarian Tokaj region.

Boogie 2020 – PetNat Furmint, creamy ripe apple with fresh anise touch.

Virgin harvest Frivolo Virgo 2019 – coming from a just 4 years old Furmint vineyard, highly expressive, elegant and greatly versatile.

Orange Furmint – Kraft, with a novel twist on carbonic maceration. Substituting for the role of CO2 in a standard carbonic maceration with direct-press juice, achieving much of the fruitiness and optimal extraction, with, arguably, much less intervention.

And to spice it up…

The latest arrivals from Bikicki, all new vintages.
Sfera, this time as a blend of Sauvignon and Pinot Grigio. Fermented and later aged for one year in a spherical concrete tank.

Uncensored 2020 – orange wine made of Traminer with a year ageing in 500l old oak barrel.

Last but not least the première of Sfera Noir – Pinot Noir, a playful and exuberant fruit bomb.

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