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Saturday 23. July we uncork a couple of our personal favorites. No specific region, not a special style, just wine we want to share with our guests. A couple of gems you might be curious about, Bikicki ‘Uncensored’ an orange style Traminer; another aromatic dry orange from Tamjanika grape aged in amfora and oak from TemeT; Maurers latest Kadarka wine, this time ‘Rock & Roll’, 11 months in amfora; Terpins Quinto Quarto challenging grape variety Ribolla Gialla; and who knows what the moment will bring.
The tasting is between 13 and 18 hrs, but we are not leaving until the bottles are finished.

Bikicki – Uncensored 2020


name: Uncensored 2020
style: natural orange wine
grape variety: Red Traminer
serving temperature: 12 – 16C
alcohol percentage: 14,5%
short tasting note: Elegant orange wine with etheric character giving the impression of gunpowder minerality, followed by muted fruity tones of a dried orange peel and dry Mediterranean spices.
content: 750ml
serve with: Roasted duck, crab and oriental spicy food; oven roasted veggies with natural sweetness, coconut, caramelized red onion, eggplant, carrot.

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TemeT Tri Morave Reserva White 2019


name: TemeT Tri Morave White Rezerva 2019
style: natural white wine – orange
grape variety: Tamjanika
serving temperature: 14C
alcohol percentage: 12,5%
short tasting note:  elderflower, ripe grape, tropical fruit
content: 750ml

Serbia, Jagodina, Lozovik

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Szóló – Kraft 2019


name: Szóló – Kraft 2019
style: natural white wine
grape variety: Furmint
serving temperature: 12C
alcohol percentage: 14%
short tasting note: Rich, stone and tropical fruit with gentle floral acacia, chamomile and honey tones
content: 750ml

Hungary, Tokaj

Not for online sale. Available in our wine shop.

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Maurer Kadarka Rock & Roll 2020


name: Maurer – Kadarka Rock & Roll 2020
style: natural red wine
grape variety: Kadarka
serving temperature: 12C
alcohol percentage: 12,5%
short tasting note: sour cherry, raspberry, and cranberry
content: 750ml

Serbia, Fruška Gora

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