Sake Tasting

Sake Tasting
10 September 2022
15:00 – 17:00

Together with Sayaka and Soichiro from Sakenomism we take a deep dive into Sake, the traditional Japanese rice brew and make a clear cut through many prejudices and misconceptions.

Sayaka will tell us stories about ways of Sake making and let us taste some of the different styles, explain how it is made and talk about the differences and similarities between Sake and wine, when it comes to tasting notes and food pairing. 

Believe it or not Sake just like wine shows many different taste varieties, from fruity refreshing aroma to refreshing crispy acidity, from nicely dry and umami to deep umami taste. The food pairing follows closely, from white fish, oysters and tofu to cheese, chicken and strong umami meals. 

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