Pinot Crush

Pinot Crush

Coming Saturday 12. November we open for tasting some Alsatian, Italian and of course Serbian Pinots. 
Being one of the most used and abused wine grapes, in the hands of a skilled grapegrower it reveals its high terroir sensibility and versatile character.
Pinot Noir is a light to medium body wine and most of the time you will be greeted with an earthy, herbal and spicy nose, flavours of dark cherries and red forest fruit. 
It is a highly gastronomic wine, great with turkey, game and white meat, with vegetarian dishes and cheeses, even strawberry dessert. 

From France, Alsace, David Koeberle’s La Geiss 2021.
Fruity tones of small red berries, redcurrants, raspberries and Morello cherries.
Spicy layer of white pepper and vague trace of licorice.

Going down to Italy, Emilia, encountering Casè Winery, led by two friends Alberto and Diego making their dream as winemakers come true. You see a youthful and fresh Pinot Nero 2018 from younger vines. The palate is lively, balanced, simultaneously providing a wonderful sensation of red fruits and smooth tannins.

From the north of Serbia, Erno Sagmeister on the slopes of Fruska Gora and his Kanias Pinot Noir 2019. 
After 30 months ageing in oak barrels, an exhilarating whiff of VA, concentrated dark cherry flavours, velvety tannins with a long rich finish.

From the south Serbian Župa region Pinot crafted by Kosta Botunjac.
Amazing complexity reaching beyond its varietal notes.
Flavoured with patience and tenderness, an honest interpretation of this challenging grape variety and of a terroir.
There is a sense of merciless charm in Botunjac Pinot Noir, taking after the vibe of Kosta, it is exceptionally tranquil and joyful, yet defiant and decisive.

Muller-Koeberlé – La Geiss 2022


name: Muller-Koeberlé – La Geiss 2021
style: natural red wine
grape variety: Pinot Noir
serving temperature: 12-14℃
alcohol percentage: 14%
short tasting note: Redcurrant, cherry, white pepper, licorice
content: 750ml

Vin Methode Nature
France, AOC Alsace

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Botunjac-Pinot Noir 2021


Natural dry red wine, oak barrel aged.
Grape variety: Pinot Noir
Serving: 14 – 16 ° C
Alcohol percentage: 12.5%
Content: 0.75 L
Cherry, blueberries, raspberry and some pepper. Earthy tones but still light and juicy.
Serve with: aperitif, prosciutto crudo, fried fish, asparagus, vegetarian, cheeses, elegant meat dishes, veal, duck, game and beef.

It is advisable to decant this wine for 30 minutes.

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