natural wine amsterdam

At the upcoming VI.NO.SO Natural Wine Fair in Amsterdam, the Go Good – Craft Wine combination will present two esteemed winemakers steeped in family tradition: Domaine Muller-Koeberle from Alsace, France, represented by Marianne Koeberlé, and Christian Ottenbreit from Weingut Ottenbreit in Franken, Germany.

These artisans, renowned for their commitment to natural winemaking and estate-grown grapes, promise a captivating experience for wine enthusiasts at the festival.

Generations of Passion: Domaine Muller-Koeberle

Domaine Muller-Koeberle brings a legacy of excellence to VI.NO.SO. Located in Saint-Hippolyte, the estate is run by David and Marianne Koeberle, the fourth generation of independent owners of 27 hectares of vines.

Domaine Muller-Koeberle not only embraces the Zero-Zero philosophy but also boasts prestigious certifications that reflect their commitment to sustainability and natural winemaking. The estate proudly holds the Demeter certification, a testament to biodynamic farming practices that prioritize ecological balance and biodiversity. Furthermore, their dedication to preserving the natural ecosystem extends to the VitiForest certification, highlighting their integration of viticulture with forest management to enhance the health of their vineyards.

In line with their holistic approach, Domaine Muller-Koeberle’s wines are certified as Vin Méthode Nature. This label guarantees that their wines are produced with minimal intervention, using hand-picked, organically grown grapes and indigenous yeasts, without any added sulfites or oenological inputs.
This approach allows the unique character of each grape varietal and the terroir to shine through in every bottle.
Festival-goers can expect to discover the captivating depth and purity of wines crafted with respect for nature’s bounty in real Alsatian tradition.

Franken Finesse: Weingut Ottenbreit
Weingut Ottenbreit, another family-owned gem from Germany’s Franken region, joins VI.NO.SO with a commitment to natural winemaking practices passed down through generations. Christians dedication to using solely estate-grown grapes ensures complete control over quality, resulting in wines that truly express the land’s essence with laser-sharp precision.

Christian’s innovative spirit and dedication have not gone unnoticed. His Ottenbreit Long Live Müller-Thurgau 2022 is the proud winner of the Müller-Thurgau Trophy 2023, organized by Falstaff International.
Christian receives the prestigious ‘Entdeckung des Jahres’ (Discovery of the Year) award from Gerhard Eichelmann, a leading German wine critic and international authority on German wines. He is praised for his exciting collection in ‘Eichelmann Deutschlands Weine 2024’, Germany’s most extensive and critical wine catalogue.

Not long before Eichelmann, WEIN.PLUS, one of the largest platforms for wine enthusiasts, evaluating and rating more than 130,000 wines and conducting extensive wine tastings annually, also recognizes Weingut Ottenbreit as the “Discovery of the Year.”