Vinograd Botunjac stands for the traditional way of wine making in Serbia. In the village of Don Zleginje in the Serbian region of Zupa 230 km south of Belgrade the family estate of Botunjac is situated. Kosta Botunjac, a wine making legend himself in Serbia, produces with technology, tradition and love the most beautiful red and white wines. His vineyards are situated on the slopes above the family estate with the vines standing in perfect harmony.

The vineyards are 300 meters away from the wine cellars. Going down the slopes you will find the cellars 30 meters downwards. The wine making proces, harvesting, the fermentation, the sedimentation, the maturation and racking, is based on gravity, not on the use of electric pumps and filters. Exclusively wild yeast is being used. Kosta is among others growing the indigenous grape variety Prokupac and the by origin French grape variety Pinot Noir.