Maurer Winery is situated in the northern part of Serbia, near Subotica. Mainly growing native varieties of grapes the winery is keen on preserving naturalness and purity. The winery owns a bigger number of individual vineyards parcels in two different wine regions, Subotica region and Fruska Gora. Having 4 generations curing the art of wine making, the oldest Maurer vineyard dates from 1880.

Oszkar Maurer, the winemaker himself, is widely respected and admired, among others by the French Master of Wine Isabelle Legeron who is a big fan of Oszkar’s wines. Maurer attempts to preserve the previously mentioned naturalness and purity, while at the same time giving the countryside, both in the highlands and on the sandy plains, back its traditional grape varieties such as Kadarka or Furmint, which unfortunately disappeared from these areas during the last century. Probably this is why Serbian oenologists and wine-writers also set great stock on the work mentioning him first of all when someone is looking for authentic, unique and natural wines in the country.