Sicilian Wine Tasting

Saturday 14. August 2021

Sicily, the largest island in the Mediterranean Sea, was always a crossroad of civilizations. Although the ancient Greeks and later Phoenicians brought along their viticulture techniques, Sicilians have been making wine since 4000 BC and always being obstinate and doing things their own way. It is still one of Europe’s most dynamic wine regions. After the II world war they went into massif, only profit driven bulk production instead of purpose guided artisan wine making. Fortunately Sicilians never abandoned their native vines, Nero d’Avola, Grillo and Zibibbo, Catarratto and Nerello Mascalese. In the last 20 years we see a revival of small family owned wineries. Focus is no longer on grape growing and selling it for next to nothing, to big corporations, but more and more on wine making, taking a step back to old techniques and style. So is the story of Elios winery. Where two friends, Nicola and Guido, as they say, decided to stop working for other people’s dreams and start living their own. Despite coming from different backgrounds, what they had in common was love for nature and for Sicily and the desire to revitalise their families’ estates. Coming Saturday 14. August we will let the genie out of the bottle and serve for tasting some of their wonderful wines.

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