Old Vines Tasting

Old Vines Tasting

Let’s step into a world where history and flavor interlace.

Saturday 12 Augustus

Join us this coming Saturday for a remarkable wine tasting experience that pays homage to the past through the exceptional natural wines crafted by Oszkar Maurer from vines that stood the test of time.

Prepare your palate for a journey through the ages with an exquisite selection of natural wines, each born from vines with storied roots stretching back to the 19th and early 20th century:

Kovidinka – orange wine sourced from vines that have graced the vineyard since 1925.
Exquisite composition of opulent, floral and aromatic notes; citrus blossoms elegantly intertwine with the alluring charm of melon and tropical appeal of pineapple.

Bakator – another splendid orange wine that originates from vines planted in 1909.
Complex and enticing, with aromas of lemon zest, apple, grapefruit, passion fruit, blackcurrant leaf and thyme. The wine also reveals some spicy notes of cinnamon, licorice and pepper, adding depth and intrigue.

Kadarka – a wine crafted from vines that have thrived since 1880.
Natural dry red wine from the oldest Kadarka vineyard on the planet, one of oldest European vineyards that survived Phylloxera thanks to sandy soils on Noszai Hill in northern Serbia.
140 years old vines with an average yield of just 200gr per plant.
If Unicorn Wine exists and is more than just an urban legend, this should be one of the few.

Maurer – Kövidinka 2022


name: Maurer – Kövidinka 2022
style: natural orange wine
grape variety: Kövidinka
serving temperature: 10-12C
alcohol percentage: 9.5%
short tasting note: Rich, floral, aromatic. Citrus blossom, melon and pineapple.
content: 750ml

Serbia, Subotica

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Maurer – Bakator 2022


name: Maurer – Bakator 1909 vintage 2022
style: natural orange wine
grape variety: Bakator
serving temperature: 10-12C
alcohol percentage: 11%
short tasting note: lemon zest, yellow apple, passion fruit, thyme
content: 750ml

Serbia, Subotica

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Maurer – Kadarka 1880 2019


name: Maurer – Kadarka 1880 2019
style: natural red wine
grape variety: Kadarka
serving temperature: 12C
alcohol percentage:
short tasting note: raspberry, pomegranate and blood orange. Hibiscus tea, rhubarb, spice, a hint of aged balsamic and forest floor.
content: 750ml
serve with: duck breast, pheasant, rabbit, veal and vegetarian and vegan dishes;smoked beetroot, spicy-sweet roasted pumpkin, morels stew, grilled chanterelle.

It’s advisable to decant this wine.

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