Les Carmels Wine Tasting

Bordeaux Wine Tasting
28. October 2023
14:00 – 18:00
Domaine Les Carmels
Côtes De Bordeaux

A breeze of change is sweeping along the rivers of the Dordogne, the Garonne and the funnel-shaped estuary of the mighty Gironde. A growing number of young winemakers are turning their backs on intensive farming, forsaking large quantities of synthetic fertilizers and pesticides, in pursuit of a return to the old ways of traditional farming, embracing sustainable agriculture and agroforestry.

Domaine les Carmels – L’Abondance 2021


name: Domaine les Carmels – L’Abondance
style: natural red wine
grape variety: Malbec
serving temperature: 10-12C
alcohol percentage: 12,5%
short tasting note: floral nose of roses, fresh red and black fruit, supple tannic finish with creamy texture.
content: 750ml

France, Bordeaux, Cadillac
Vin Méthode Nature

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Domaine les Carmels – Les Caprices 2022


name: Domaine les Carmels – Les Caprices 2022
style: natural red wine
grape variety: Merlot
serving temperature: 10-12C
alcohol percentage: 13,5%
short tasting note: black cherry, raspberry, fresh herbal nose, peppery finish, vibrant acidity, chalky tannins.
content: 750ml

France, AOP Cadillac-Côtes de Bordeaux

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Domaine les Carmels – Les Vendanges 2019


name: Domaine les Carmels – Les Vendanges 2019
style: natural red wine
grape variety: Merlot & Cabernet Franc
serving temperature: 12-14C
alcohol percentage: 14,5%
short tasting note: black cherry, blueberry, prune, subtle truffle notes, silky tannins and elegant acidic strike.
content: 750ml

France, AOP Cadillac-Côtes de Bordeaux

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Nestled near the charming village of Langoiran in Bordeaux’s Cadillac region, Domaine Les Carmels, run by the dedicated duo Sophie and Yorick Lavaud, is a hidden gem that encapsulates the true essence of authentic winemaking.
Join us on Saturday, October 28th, as we present a selection of their remarkable wines, complemented by a couple of tasty bites.

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Domaine Les Carmels is graced by a terroir that captures the true spirit of Bordeaux. The vineyards, enclosed by lush woodlands, follow the contours of valleys rich in clay, limestone and gravel – classic Bordeaux terroir that promises exceptional wine.

What sets Cadillac apart is its tranquillity, untouched by the overzealous mass production and chemical interventions, that often plague larger wine appellations. Sophie and Yorick found their sanctuary here, a place where their winemaking dreams could take root and flourish.

One of their first decisions was to embark on the journey towards organic viticulture. They were determined to create wines that reflected the unique terroir of Domaine Les Carmels, free from the synthetic influences that have become all too common in the wine industry. With unwavering dedication, they committed themselves to crafting low-intervention, natural wines that would speak of the land and the climate in which they were grown.


The woodlands and meadows that encircle the vineyard play an essential role in their agroecological approach. Through agroforestry they have fostered a thriving ecosystem, embracing biodiversity. Hedges, fruit trees and deciduous varieties like downy oaks coexist harmoniously with the vines, creating a sustainable environment that benefits both the land and the winery.

The estate’s orchard is a testament to their commitment to sustainable farming. Apple-, fig-, peach- and plum trees flourish, providing not only fresh fruits but also contributing to the overall biodiversity of the estate.

Domaine Les Carmels in Bordeaux’s Cadillac region is more than just a winery—it’s a homage to the unyielding passion of Sophie and Yorick, a commitment to the land and a celebration of agroecological harmony. Here, the vines coexist with nature, organic practices reign supreme and the result is a range of wines that authentically express the Bordeaux terroir. In the heart of this pristine oasis, the faithful duo crafts wines that capture the essence of Bordeaux, free from the shadows of mass production and chemical interventions—a true treasure for wine enthusiasts seeking purity, tradition and terroir-driven excellence.

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