Linda’s Summertime Delights: Beyond Gouda & Edam

Linda’s Summertime Delights: Beyond Gouda & Edam
A Dutch Cheese & Wine Pairing Adventure!
Wednesday, 19-6-2024

Ready to get on a flavorful journey through the Netherlands?
We’re going beyond the well-known Gouda and Edam to explore the hidden treasures of Dutch cheese!
Join us for an exclusive wine tasting and cheese pairing event where you’ll discover the diverse and delicious world of soft, young, hyperaged and mouldy Dutch cheeses.

Witte van Köning: Crafted by the dedicated Christine Wipfler of Zevenaar—in the Gelderland province, the Witte van Köning is a testament to over two years of artisanal perfection. This cheese is a soft, round marvel with a white mold rind that encases the rich flavors of raw, unpasteurized cow’s milk from the pastoral lands east of Arnhem. Their cows, ‘the pride of our farm’, provide the milk that gives this Camembert-like cheese its distinctive non-Dutch essence. As it matures, the Witte van Köning transforms, starting as a friendly and fresh companion and evolving into a robust powerhouse. Its full-bodied taste, laced with earthy mushroom and rustic straw notes, boasts the luxurious texture of a sumptuous Brie.

The Oudwijker Fiore is a red flora cheese that marries a traditional Taleggio recipe with the purity of Dutch cow’s milk, creating a special fusion that’s as beautiful to behold as it is thrilling to taste. A harmonious blend of Italy and the Netherlands, Fiore—meaning ‘flower’—features a slightly moist rind kissed by natural red flora. Beneath lies a light yellow dairy with creamy softness, transitioning to a compact center dotted with eyes. Young Fiore delights with a citrusy freshness and hints of hay, beechnuts, and chestnuts, complemented by a subtle sweetness. With age, it becomes smoother, creamier, and more pronounced in flavor—full, buttery, aromatic, and smoky, yet never too spicy, thanks to the refreshing qualities of Dutch milk. The aroma evokes a pastoral symphony of hay, nuts, mushrooms, and even truffles, crafted from milk sourced from the grazing cows of Brienenshof in Cothen—province of Utrecht.

The Colosso Oudwijker is a creation of Rutger’s passion, a cheese that embodies his journey from retirement to the art of cheesemaking, mentored by a dear friend in Italy. ‘Colosso,’ meaning ‘grand,’ is apt for this cheese made from pasteurized buffalo milk sourced from a farm in Heusden—North Brabant. The rich protein content of buffalo milk presents a challenge, yet it culminates in colossal 12-kilo wheels of cheese with a smooth, fondant-like dairy, beautifully veined throughout. Its complex and refined taste is a tapestry of butter, coconut, a hint of salt, and a spicy bouquet of laurel, hay, licorice, and dark chocolate, all balanced with a pleasantly mild bitterness.

L’Amuse Overjarig: Selection of Cono Beemster cheeses for pasteurized offerings comes from a producer who values outdoor grazing and is part of the ‘Caring Dairy Project,’ ensuring cow welfare and the protection of meadow birds. The North Holland dairy’s smoothness and reduced saltiness are distinctive. Now vegetarian-friendly due to microbial coagulation, these Beemster cheeses are substantial 15-kilo wheels that mature in natural warehouses without refrigeration, enhancing their flavor profile.

Lady’s Blue: Produced on the herb-rich Kruidenweide by Ger Entjes and Ayla Groeneveld in Drenthe, Lady’s Blue goat cheese is a Dutch rarity made from raw milk. The exceptional quality of the milk, a result of sustainable farming practices, is evident in the cheese’s creamy and subtly spicy character. Named after ‘Lady,’ a standout goat known for her blue roan coat, this cheese carries her legacy in every bite.

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