Let’s uncork the summer!

natural wine tasting

Let’s uncork the summer!

Join us for an effervescent afternoon dedicated to the zest of summer wines.

Lineup will be poised with a vibrant array of Crémants and Pétillant-Naturels.

Saturday, 29 June, starting at 14:00 hours.

Muller-Koeberlé – Casimir


name: Muller-Koeberlé – Casimir
style: Pet Nat
grape variety: Mirabelle plum wine, blended with a Riesling base, infused with hemp flowers
serving temperature: 8℃
alcohol percentage: 8%
short tasting note: tropical, citrus blossom, nutty flavour
content: 750ml

Vin Methode Nature, Organic, Demeter
France, AOC Alsace

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Temet – Tri Morave White Sparkling Extra Brut


Dry sparkling white wine
Grape variety: Tamjanika
Serving temperature: 8°- 10°C
Alcohol percentage: 12%
Floral on the nose, tones of honey candy, elder flower and freshly baked biscuits.
The palate is very playful and refreshing, having an incisive wave of bubbles.
Content: 750ml

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Muller-Koeberlé Crémant Entourloupe 2018


name: Muller-Koeberlé  Crémant Entourloupe 2018
style: Crémant d’Alsace
grape variety: Pinot Blanc, Auxerrois, Riesling, Chardonnay
serving temperature: 6-8℃
alcohol percentage: 12,5%
short tasting note: floral and fruity, apple and citrus zest.
content: 750ml

France, Alsace

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Muller-Koeberlé – Bigarrure


name: Muller-Koeberlé – Bigarrure
style: Pétillant Naturel (Pet Nat)
grape variety: Riesling, Pinot Gris
serving temperature: 8℃
alcohol percentage: 13,5%
short tasting note: pear, grape, melon, thyme-minty touch.
content: 750ml
Vin Méthode Nature
France, Alsace

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Domaine Karanika – Cuvee Speciale Extra Brut 2022


name: Domaine Karanika, Cuvee Speciale Extra Brut 2020
style: natural sparkling wine – Méthode traditionnelle
grape variety: Xinomavro (90%), Assyrtiko (10%)
serving temperature: 8-10°C
alcohol percentage: 11,50%
short tasting note:
Rich yeasty nose, aromas of lime, pear and strawberry.
content: 750 ml.

Greece, Macedonia, Amyntaio

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